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Help save our Future Economy and our Kid's jobs

This site is being developed to promote British Manufacturing and Service Industries to try to stem the flow of jobs from our shores. Too many manufacturing sites are being exported with the loss of thousands of British jobs. When there is no manufacturing left in Britain where will our Kids find employment??.

Whose to blame ?

Quite simply put we all are. Cheap kettles and consumer goods from Tesco and Asda are all well and good but they are all made in the emerging economies of the Far East. If our manufacturing keeps moving abroad our kids will suffer longer term.

What can be done ?

Buy British. Yes it might be a little more expensive but at the same time you are preserving the future employment of your kids.

No Manufacturing means no Service industry means no Jobs.

About this site

This site will promote British made goods and also Service related industries which support the British economy by buying British made goods to inturn serve the manufacturing industry.

Its time we all took more interest in self interest.

The French do it, the Australians do it. Its time we did it. Next time we hear a company moving ours kids' future offshore we need to tell them that the British public are not doing business with them anymore.



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